Hey! I’m Frankie and cooking is my favourite thing to do. 

I set up my Instagram account to share my culinary inventions and with the main aim of showing what you can do with the food that’s kicking around at home; not the kind of cooking where you need an enormous shopping list of ingredients you’ll only use once. The Flavours of Frankie site is where you can find my recipes, so you can recreate and reinvent my dishes to your heart’s content.

My ethos is to use up everything in my fridge, freezer and cupboards and to help you do the same.

So if I’m specific about a type of, say, onion to use in a recipe but you don’t have it in that day, use what you have and see how it works out. And feel free to let me know if you think it works better!


I’m a big believer in using recipes as a lesson in flavour combinations and cooking methods, rather than a prescriptive set of rules you must follow to the letter. This is less the case with baking as it’s more important to be precise, but I’ll always say if amounts of any ingredients can be altered to suit your taste.

I take inspiration from all the recipes I find and I make my own twists and turns when I’m in the kitchen, and I encourage you to do the same. Whether you’re a ‘I just need to eat to survive’ kind of cook or a budding TV chef like me, adding a dash of your own imaginative magic to your food will always pay off.

Tasty, healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming and complex. And I’m here to show you how.

Find out the ingredients I can’t live without here!