The undisputed BEST brownies in the world

Merry Christmas! We all know this time between Christmas and New Year is a weird one, and I’m certainly feeling it this year. I arrived back in Berlin the other day, having spent a lovely 9 days with family back home in the UK. It’s nice to be “home” but there’s not much going on here, so what better time to take my new square baking tin for a spin? Using my mum’s school recipe I christened the baking tray in the best way possible: brownies. Continue reading

Falafel, flat bread and cheat’s hummus

So I’m in Berlin now and my flat doesn’t have an oven. Real convenient for a food blogger. But do not fear! It’s given me a great excuse to expand my non-oven based repertoire. I’ve been thinking a lot about desserts and sweet treats I can make without the use of an oven, but I need a bit more time for that. In the meantime, here’s a delicious, healthy and super easy savoury recipe. Continue reading

Healthy egg and beans on toast

Baked beans are probably my favourite food. And beans on toast is probably the best dish ever invented. But even though Heinz tell you beans are one of your five a day, there’s a hell of a lot of salt and sugar in there too. So I’ve invented a healthier, fancier option that you can whip out on those days when you fancy beans on toast but you can’t justify it by being ill or hungover (my regular excuses for a baked beans binge). Throw an egg into the mix and you’ve got yourself an extra bit of protein. Health kick! Continue reading