Sweet potato and turmeric falafel

This falafel mix is tasty, nutritious and can be left in the fridge waiting to be shaped and fried or pre-moulded and frozen for another day. Falafel wraps are a perfect lunch, or you could make a dinner out of them with a tabouleh salad and some dips and sauces on the side. These are not the dry kind of falafel – they’re soft and moreish and lightly spiced with turmeric, a dash of ras-al-hanout, cumin and coriander seed and filled with chunks of sweet potato. Serve with loads of aromatic fresh coriander and some hummus for a winner! Continue reading

Five spice salmon with miso veg

This dish is similar to yesterday’s post but I made it for dinner tonight and it was so good I had to write it down immediately. Salmon is such a delicious fish and has all the nutritional benefit you could ever wish for. Paired with carrot, pepper and broccoli stir fried in miso and ginger – with all their combined goodness – and sticky (i.e. poorly cooked) Thai Jasmine rice, you’ve got yourself a winner.  Continue reading

PaleYOLO banana pancakes

This is a shoutout to all those mornings when you run out of milk for your bran flakes and you can’t be bothered to run to the shop (which is just across the road)… So if you have the ingredients in the list below, these pancakes make a quick and easy alternative – especially if you happen to have a dying banana at the bottom of your fruit bowl desperately crying out to be put in a banana cake. You can satisfy that poor banana’s wishes by turning it into the lightest and fluffiest of all pancakes. Ever. Continue reading

Vegan Pizzas!

It’s safe to say I couldn’t hack veganism (I love eggs), but my friend is bravely attempting Veganuary and she came round for dinner yesterday so I made vegan pizzas in solidarity. You can, of course, use whatever you like for the toppings but here’s how to make what I did. You can also replace any of the dairy-free ingredients with normal stuff – vegan-friendly food is often more expensive and harder to find. Continue reading

Festive cranberry, orange and almond shortbread

Jumping on that Christmas baking bandwagon, I decided to make these delightful little biscuits the other day. They taste like a perfect combination of subtle orange and almond, with an extra texture of chewy dried cranberries. Cranberries and oranges are two flavours especially associated with Christmas time, so these tasty morsels would be an ideal addition to any festive table. Continue reading

Pan fried salmon with ginger and soy rice noodles

This was another indulgent lunch, but it was significantly quicker to make than the stuffed peppers yesterday. I added grated ginger and soy sauce to the noodles, as well as grated carrot and spring onion, and I would have added some thinly sliced red chilli had I had one in the fridge, which would have given a lovely bit of heat. Topped with a perfectly cooked piece of salmon and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds and fresh coriander, and you have yourself a winner. You could serve it with rice instead if you fancied.

Continue reading